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Viper Gym

Viper Gym


The customer planned to open a new ultra-modern fitness center in Uzhgorod. It was already the third gym in the Viper Gym chain of fitness centers. The modernity of the new center and its cervices did not correspond to the outdated corporate style, under which other fitness centers of the chain worked. We needed to find another solution.


The new center is located in Uzhgorod, at the same time there was a prospect of chain development in the cities of central Ukraine. We thought it would be great to build a corporate style at the intersection of authentic Transcarpathian ethnic patterns and modern European design trends. Ukrainian embroidery is chosen for the basis of the style. As a result, we combined it with graphic sports icons. That let us make the style emotional, but with a clear connection to the field of activity. With the icons being combined, we created the patterns, which on a small scale especially resemble Ukrainian art of embroidery – vyshyvanka. The same way the unique brand font was developed.

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