Villa Milk

Villa Milk

Villa Milk


When our customer told us about their small closed-loop dairy enterprise (where the same territory gives a space for the fields to grow fodder, for the cows to be taken care of, and for the high-tech factory, which operates almost without human intervention), we were already moving to the Vinnytsia region in our dreams to get continuous access to such products.
But we had to cancel moving, because there was a task to bring the trademark to the regional and Kyiv markets first, and then to the national market.
Since it is a farm production, it has limitations on the quantity of products being made. So, we began to aim for sales in gourmet chain stores and eco-shops for connoisseurs of all things natural.
In the identity, we needed to reflect the roots of the company – to indicate that this is not mass but farming production, and at the same time to make it a modern solution for the opportunity to actively promote in million population cities.


The name Villa Milk is euphonic and evokes an association with a small house in a picturesque place.
The idea of the logo and the label illustrations is based on the stylization of spilled milk (or other milky products, such as kefir, sour cream, melted butter). Both the letters and the graphics are designed to resemble dairy products.
Within the project, we have developed the name, the signature design, and the labels for all basic assortment items.

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Хочу всё!