Creating a brand of lamps.
Quantula is a leader in lighting services for retail and office spaces in Ukraine. They are incredibly cool in their field having their own development department, their own production (in Ukraine, not in China, so there is a whole list of undeniable advantages behind this), and competent customer service. They have already equipped the most famous shops, restaurants, and hotels throughout entire Europe.
In 2021, the issue of market expansion emerged. The research showed that it was high time to make the way to the consumer lighting market.
What we needed to create:
1. The brand concept.
2. The name.
3. The identity.
4. The guideline.
5. The packaging concept.
6. The structure and the design of presentations for investors.


Lamps do not represent soulless objects anymore, they are emotions. With the help of light, everyone can organize their space in their taste and create the right mood. This idea has been embodied in 3 key slogans of the brand:
Your space. By this, we talk about a convenient system of individual selection of lamps regarding individual needs.
Your light. By this, we mean a wide range of lamp configurations.
Your rules. And this is about a smart system of lighting control from a mobile device.
It is very often that the lamps for home use are chosen by the same designers and architects, who work with commercial spaces, and who already trust Quantula. That is why we have created such a name for the new brand, that you can easily spot the father without any DNA tests: QNTL by Quantula.
In the identity, we have strengthened continuity with the help of soft forms and yellow color.

I want myself so
Хочу всё!