Пинскдрев (Pinskdrev)

Пинскдрев (Pinskdrev)

Пинскдрев (Pinskdrev)


The biggest manufacturer of Belarusian furniture being exported to Europe turned to us in order to strengthen their position on the Russian market (please, do not throw rotten tomatoes at us, for the project is more than 8 years old. And still, it looks so modern that we have to clarify that we are patriots). The carried-out consumer research revealed the main basic conditions of the project.


We have created the new corporate style; the main graphic image is a combination of pieces of wood. A lot of natural materials and patterns are used in the corporate communication. The sign is based on the graphic entity of the key letters in the company’s name, P and D.
In the retail design, we have continued the theme of naturalness and environmental friendliness of the company’s products. The images of natural bark, leaves, and other eco elements are being used.

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Хочу всё!