Master Fish

Master Fish



ТМ Master Fish is high-quality smoked and freshly salted fish products. By the time of the assignment, the company had been holding stable positions in the middle price segment for more than a year. However, some competitors increased their promotional activity, redesigned, and strengthened their positions in selling outlets. The Master Fish brand possesses ascetic and not the most emotional design, which led to losing of some points. We faced the task to change the design of the packaging, which would strengthen the position of the brand on the shelf without additional promotion cost.


We turned to the name “Master Fish” itself, and it means a chef. That is why we delved into the cooking theme and looked for the images clear for every housekeeper. We have chosen the image of products laid out on a cutting board. It is always tasty and natural. The packaging looks attractive and quite democratic at the same time due to the familiarity of the image.

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Хочу всё!