Massimo Gelarty

Massimo Gelarty

Massimo Gelarty


If you have ever tried Massimo Gelarty, then you surely know that this ice-cream leads to fascination and addiction ;) It was created by Maksym Golubev, a genius who never gets tired of surprising with his creations.
When we met, the brand already had a basic line of ice-cream, and therefore the identity had also been developed (speaking of which, people behind it were no less brilliant representatives of domestic marketing world). Maksym had just developed a new line of Eskimo Pie, and we were facing the task to create packaging for that series.


The Eskimo Pie is not only divinely tasty, it also looks stunning. We have decided that the packaging has to be as minimalistic as possible with the Eskimo Pie image in the lime light. A strict dark background and a photo of the product – that is how we managed to make it both demure and passionate.
Our next step was to create comprehensive packaging and “8 reasons for ecstasy” posters.
Since then, we are happy to be among the first to get excited by Maksym’s new ideas and to make packaging for them:
1. the line of ice-cream for dogs and raccoons
2. the fitness line of ice-cream, including collaboration with “SmartAss” fitness-club
3. and this is to be revealed soon, after its launch :)

I want myself so
Хочу всё!