Smart Distribution


Considering the vast experience in the distribution of accessories for mobile gadgets, our client decided to create their own international brand (Ukraine, China, Europe). They did not plan own production (the goods were chosen from the range proposed by the best European manufacturers), so there was a task to increase the value of the products by creating a brand.


The main mission of the trademark is to simplify users’ lives: the company made sure, that on the very first day of the flagship gadgets release, the accessories for them were available in retail outlets. That established ground rules for positioning of the new brand. A new name – Just – was developed.
It is just like that!
Just be, just play, just charge!
Since the company’s products themselves are not unique, we have chosen the unique branding to give additional weight to the trademark and products under it. Due to modern Bauhaus, we have got the means to develop various options of graphic forms and have created a whole republic of JUST.
In the course of the project, we have made:
1. positioning
2. legend
3. packaging for 10+ lines
4. web-site design

I want myself so
Хочу всё!