Investudio, a financial technology company, is founded in Cyprus and has its main office in Kyiv.
The company specializes in development of management systems for investment portfolios.


Working out the strategy of company’s development, creating the visual attributes and the communication materials.


Carrying out market research.
Creating the brand strategy and the strategy of development up to 2024 (the world expansion).
Creating the communication strategy.
Creating the visual brand attributes and formalization in a brand book.
The brand identity is based on the sign of infinity as a symbol of company’s activity, which conducts its clients’ portfolios, day by day analyzing trends and making management decisions. The mark is also a symbol of endless opportunities opened by investment activity.
The sign is complicated by various types of geometric patterns. The patterns serve as a metaphor for several types of activity that come together and create a comprehensive approach to investment business. In the branded style, they become a basis for corporate graphics and provide a coherent and recognizable image.

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