Fortress (“Sayenko Kharenko”)


In 2020, there was a wide range of business risks: unpredictable government policy, pressure from some authorities, uncertain economic and political situation in the country, coronavirus, various manifestations of cyber attacks. The “Fortress” service was created to provide instant comprehensive protection and support for business in times of trouble: from protection by force and legal support to anti-crisis HR, GR, and cyber security.
Our task was to develop the brand concept, the identity, and the communication strategy.


Since there were some limits regarding the number of clients, who could be protected by the service as effectively as possible, the decision was made that the “Fortress” should become a “closed” club: everyone wants to get in, but being outside, they know only the basics about it. To continue that idea, the communication strategy was developed. Being part of business communities (mentorship by key experts of the service) was chosen as one of the primary channels of attracting customers. As advertising materials, an animated video and a corporate presentation were developed.
The idea of the logo is to put the letters in a wall symbolizing protection of a client. To emphasize the metaphor, the upper part of the letter O is stylized as a top of a defensive construction. Furthermore, as a result, the letter O took the form of a shield.
The idea of a protective wall in a revised and stylized way is also developed in the corporate style.

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