Business community Board


Concept of community, and branding.
Advanter Group acted as a partner in the development of the concept and brand strategy of the business community. Mutual support and mutual development are named as the key values of the community.
We needed to create branding: identity, corporate style, guideline, and basic communication style.


The key feature of identity is built upon the symbol of the Tibetan knot of balance (the way, the time flow, and the movement intertwined): if one of the knots gets untied, extreme tension occurs in the other knot. Through that symbol, the main community value is conveyed: this is mutual help, when participants balance each other and contribute into mutual development.
One more symbol underlying the identity is the ancient symbol of Ouroboros (a snake biting its own tail), which bears the idea of rebirth.
What is more, the shape of the sign resembles 4 hands holding each other in a square, and acts as a symbol of mutual support.

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