Umbrella brand and ecosystem


Blockbuster is not just an umbrella brand or just a corporate brand, it is a project which fascinates by its breadth of thoughts and ideas! It emerged after the outbreak of the Fierce War, when a lot of producers from the food sector found themselves deeply confused about their prospects and significantly reduced demand for their product.
The task of Blockbuster was to create new food brands, deal with their distribution and promotion, and also to charge all Ukrainian manufacturers with work at maximum, regardless of the size of their capacities.
Blockbuster is an ecosystem, which combines capabilities of the agricultural sector (raw materials purchasing), the business sector (ultimate charge of all free capacities of any manufacturer), and the brand.
Our task in this project was to develop a brand identity for Blockbuster. We needed to convey the company’s strong connection with the agricultural sector, its technological effectiveness and innovativeness.


The logo is not simply two mirrored letters B. The letters form a new shape, which symbolizes unity of several sectors – just as the harmony of the Blockbuster ecosystem.
According to the initial idea, the logo will later become a quality mark on packaging of various company’s products. That is why we were looking for a symbol clear enough for a wide range of people and compact enough to resemble a stamp.
The font of the mark is as legible and modern as possible.
Wavy lines have been chosen as a graphic symbol: this is how the wheat in the fields waves in the wind. That is a reference to the company’s deep boundaries in the agricultural sector.

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